Our Philosophy

We believe that when people truly communicate - exchange information and share ideas - the best planning results and visions become reality. We work with you to open avenues of communication between you and your community, between your institution and its members, between you, your board and staff.

Every cultural organization depends on the support of its community to survive, grow and prosper. We work in partnership with you to help you learn more about your public, their needs and expectations. We give you the tools to convey your vision to the public and increase their confidence and support of your institution.

MK Communications brings to your organization:

Experience and Leadership

Because we understand the business of museums and historical agencies with over 30 years of experience in the field, and because we know planning, fundraising, marketing and communications, we can offer you effective and successful strategies for short-term gains and long-term growth.


The best strategy to successfully meet your challenges must be tailored to your unique situation. It is imperative that you understand how your constituents view your organization when you develop an institutional plan, launch a fundraising campaign, create a marketing strategy, or initiate new public programs. We listen to your publics, researching, defining and interpreting their needs and expectations. We study your organization, your past efforts, current needs and future objectives. Then together we build a strategy based upon the needs of your publics, your strengths and your vision for the future.

Achievable Strategies

When our part is finished, we leave you with results-oriented strategies and a more knowledgeable staff to carry out your plans. Our reports form a blueprint for action and will help guide the future growth and change within your organization.

Works in Partnership

"Mary Kay offers her clients a true problem-solving partnership. She brings a broad knowledge of process and practice, but insists on adding a clear understanding of the outcomes the client wants and the client's particular situation."

"Whether the task was getting the Michigan Historical Center to rise above the particular needs of museums, archives, archaeology, historic preservation and publications to articulate a strategic vision that encompassed everyone or figuring out a marketing plan for introducing admission charges, she was an invaluable partner."

"Mary Kay won't tell you what to do--but she'll work with you, your staff and your stakeholders to figure it out for yourselves. And years later, she'll still care about the progress you are making."

Sandra Clark, Director Michigan History Center Lansing, MI